Air Pollution And Environment Protection

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Foundations / General Education
New Delhi/India
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The Book Covers The Problem Of Air And Environmental Pollution And Factors Responsible For It. The Gravity, Various Dimensions And The Historical Background Of The Problem Is Also Overviewed. The Various Sources Of Air Pollutants And Their Consequential Ill-Effects On The Health, Vegetation, Property And Climate Are Also Discussed Thread - Bare In The Book. Moreso, The Climatic Changes Caused Due To The Depletion Of Ozone Layer, Green-House Effect And Aid Rain Are Also Critically Analysed. The Steps Taken At The International Level (Including The Earth-Summit) To Check And Control The Problem Are Also Reviewed. The Specific Air And Environmental Legislations As Well As The General Provisions Of The Law In Various Other Statutes Relating To Air And Environmental Pollution Are Also Specially And Specifically Covered. The Role Played By The Judiciary And The Public Interest Litigation To Curb The Menace Of Air And Environmental Pollution Have Been Critically Examined. The Bhopal Gas Tragedy And Various Social, Legal And Administrative Issues Related To The Tragedy, Have Also Been Critically Evaluated. Lastly, The Book Also Covers Some Conclusions Derived From The Study Alongwith Probable Future Trends And Realistic Suggestions To Curb The Problem Of Air And Environmental Pollution. The Book Is Immensely Useful For The Students, Teachers And Researchers Who Intend To Study Environmental Pollution And The Law. The Book Is Also Helpful For Those Who Are Running Any Of The Scheduled Industries Mentioned In The Air (Prevention And Control Of Pollution) Act, 1981 As Well As For Those Who Are Handling Hazardous Substances Under The Environment (Protection) Act, 1986.