Admiralty Law And Practice In India

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India, along with many other countries of the world, relies very largely on the laws defined in United Kingdom to govern Merchant Shipping, also known as Admiralty Laws. Due to India’s historical ties, or even otherwise, the Admiralty Laws are deeply entrenched in our Shipping practices and act as an important tool to ensure ‘safer seas and cleaner oceans’, a maxim adopted by International Maritime Organisation, UK.Why is it important to understand Admiralty Laws and its relevance to India? Admiralty Law is codified over 250 years of practice and has addressed almost all issues that may be faced by the Industry whether it is related to government, management, or labour. The laws have covered them all. With a large coastline and having recently embarked upon privatisation of ports to further boost shipping trade, India needs to have strong laws to ensure an impartial disposal of cases to ensure smooth and safe carriage of good by sea.Admiralty Laws and Practice in India has simplified the clauses and cases to make it as much relevant to Admiralty Courts in India, senior counsels, law students, and shipping management trainees. The book is structured in a manner to facilitate an easy flow of the subject.