Activity Based Manual On Life Skills Training

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Life skills are needed to deal with the issues and challenges we face every day like conflicts, frustration, economic disparity, inability to deal with daily life situations. And this inability to cope effectively in difficult circumstances can result in stress, depression, marital discards, inter-personal relationships problems, high risk behaviors like drug abuse, suicide, alcoholism and involvement in anti-social activities etc. This activity based Manual encompasses all the dimensions of life skills including social, psychological and emotional aspects of everyday life. It is indeed a unique attempt. There has been a demand for such Manual mainly by an Indian author to highlight the elements of training methodology, steps and techniques for the trainers/facilitators/ teachers/Managers, etc. The Manual has chapters on life skills issues which would be helpful to the students of Schools/Colleges like Social Work, Psychology, Sociology, Management, or Mass Communication. It will also aid as a valuable resource material for the use of teachers/trainers/facilitators in Hospitals, Communities, NGO's, or Corporate Sector