A History Of Hindu Civilisation During British Rule

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This edition of "A History of Hindu Civilisation under British Rule" is a reprint of a classic treatise bearing the same title published a century ago both in India and abroad. It is an objective assessment of the British Rule in India made by a gifted Indologist without fear, favour or bias, showing how tje British Rule enriched Indian Society and Life by riddling the Indian Society off many of its evil practices and by injecting into Indian life and literature the humane outlook of the West. Even after a century after its first publication, A History of Hindu Civilisation under British Rule sounds as authentic and valid as it sounded a century ago - an eloquent testimony to the author's perceptive and illuminating insights into Indian Society and life all through its journey through the ages. Was not the British Rule a blessing in disguise in many ways? This book stimulates, provokes serving as it does as an invaluable source-material for all interested in Indian Civilisation and Culture.