A Guide Book To Lisu Language

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Foreign Languages
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This guide book which examines among other things the kinship terms, social usages and conversational analysis of the Lisu language is in a sense a study of anthropological linguistics. In addition, it provides an abridged not on the Lisu, a little known mongoloid tribe of the present state of Arunachal Pradesh. The Lisu language falls in the Proto-Loloish category of the Proto-Lolo-Burmese sub-group of the Tibeto-Burman group of languages. Roman script written reversely is used as the script written reversely is used as the script of the language; it has 28 consonants and eleven vowels, but no semi-vowels. All the vowels are nasalised which are resolvable into five front and six back vowels. This is a tone language. Three distinctive tones-rising, falling and level are on served which split apart giving rise to seven tones. This book is purposed to help administrators, officials and teachers who are serving in Arunachal Pradesh to carry on conversation in Lisu. Besides, a first hand knowledge of the Lisu language may induce the anthropologist and the linguist to do further research on the Lisu and their language.