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Tips to succeed in physics board exam

Author : Merlin Vimal Posted On : Monday, 13th March 2017
Tips to succeed in physics board exam

Physics plays a vital role in most of the competitive exams. So, scoring good marks in board exam is very important.  Still one week more for your physics examination. Already you might have learned but this short time preparation and revision will yield better results.

Here are few tips for you to succeed in your exam:-

Preparation before examination:-

First, go through the entire textbook with the thought of understanding the concepts. Kindly don’t memorize rather you can take hints.

While reading, note down the important formulae, derivations, definitions and units of physical quantities. Memorize the definitions and laws.

Observe and practice graphs and diagrams. Then do it by closing your books.

Now get sample/old question papers of your syllabus. Start to examine your ability by solving them. Make sure that you are able to complete within the stipulated time. Never refer solved question papers or any other reference while solving.

Practice writing point-wise to score more.

Prepare a variety of conceptual questions based on application of laws/principles.

If you are not good at numericals then learn theory based chapters thoroughly. 

If you are good at numericals then try solving problems with previous years question paper as they enable you gain more marks. Many make use of Arihant publications to practice numerical problems.

These are some of the best ways to revise for your physics exam. Remember, revision is the most important thing to be done.

Finally, treat all exams equally and study accordingly. Never underestimate yourself. Think all your board exams as a final revision test then you will be out of fear zone. 

Just before the exam:

Get up early in the morning and take a quick review of all the formulae and the steps of derivations.

Take balanced diet and drink enough water.

Take the things you need for your exam.

Reach examination hall before an hour

Close your books half an hour before the exam.

Feel relaxed and be confident.

During Examination:-

Read question paper two to three times.

Remember, the length of the answers should be corresponding to the marks allotted. It should not exceed or be too short. For example, 2 marks question should be 3 to 4 sentences not more or lesser.

While attending numerical problems, be sure that you write formula properly as if you miss out, you will lose marks.

When you write a formula, ensure that you give the write one in the numerator and the denominator.

If an answer has diagram to be drawn, then draw it neatly with pencil and label it appropriately.

When you write answer for a question, check what are all the things to be written. For example, the things like definition, formula, diagram, derivations, equations and units of physical quantities.

Give proper question and page numbers without which you will lose your marks.

Avoid silly mistakes while writing your exam.

Try to finish your exam before 15 -30 minutes. Number the papers and tie your answers sheets properly. Once again check question numbers and answers you have written.

After all is done hand over the answer sheets to the examiner and walk out of the exam hall.

All the best!!!


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