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The Gurukul system of Education

Author : S.Manikandaprabhu Posted On : Friday, 8th April 2016
The Gurukul system of Education
The Gurukul was a type of school in ancient education system. The gurukul system is an ancient learning method.  Gurukulam has existed since the vedic age. Their main motto is to develop the knowledge and they were highly focused on education. The Gurus train their students with meditations, yogas and other standards.

The students will gather there and learn vedas from their Guru. The students were treated equally irrespective of their social standards. The students were treated as a part of  Guru families. The Guru refers to the master or a teacher. The gurukulam system gained a new tradition known as Guru-shishya tradition. The teacher is called as a Guru and the students are called as Shisyas.

Main Objectives:-

The main objectives of the gurukul system are
Self control
Character development
Social awareness
Personality development
Intellectual development
Spiritual development
Preservation of knowledge & culture

Students were divided into three categories like

(a) Vasu- Those obtaining education up to the age of 24.
(b)  Rudra- Those obtaining education up to the age of 36.
(c)  Aaditya- Those obtaining education up to the age of 48.

The gurukul system was the only education system known at the time. The students gained their education with the in-depth knowledge. Not only the education but also they had been taught essential aspects for their cultured and disciplined life. The Shisyas lived under the gurukul roof with the good brotherhood and there was a good humanity, love and discipline.

The Gurukhul is a comprehensive learning center where the students are taught good habits of respecting the elders, mother, father & teachers. On the whole, the ancient system gained a huge respect with this Gurukulam system.

Image Source : tamilanvedas

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