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Watt W. Webb Rosenstiel Award Awarded In 2013

Watt W. Webb

Watt W. Webb

Award Name : Rosenstiel Award

Year of Award : 2013

Award for : Medical

Location : Ithaca, New York, United States


Watt W. Webb is known for his co-invention (with Winfried Denk and Jim Strickler) of Multiphoton microscopy in 1990.Professor Webb pioneered the techniques of Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) in 1972 and Multiphoton microscopy (MPM) in 1990.FCS enables single-molecule detection in solutions at nanomolar concentrations and provides temporal resolution of the dynamic processes of individual molecules signaled by their fluorescence.He received Rosenstiel Award in 2013 for their invention of multiphoton fluorescence microscopy and its application to illuminating the function of brain microcircuits.