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John B. Goodenough National Medal of Science Awarded In 2011

John B. Goodenough

John B. Goodenough

Award Name : National Medal of Science

Year of Award : 2011

Award for : Science and Engineering

Location : United, West Virginia, United States


John Bannister Goodenough is an American professor and prominent solid-state physicist. He is currently a professor of mechanical engineering and materials science at the University of Texas at Austin. He is widely credited for the identification and development of the Li-ion rechargeable battery as well as for developing the Goodenough-Kanamori rules for determining the sign of the magnetic super exchange in materials. In 2014 he received the Charles Stark Draper Prize for his contributions to the lithium-ion battery. John was born on 25 July 1922 in Jena, Germany.

Goodenough attended boarding school at Groton School before receiving a B.S. in Mathematics, summa cum laude, from Yale University in 1944. He completed a Ph.D. in Physics under the supervision of Clarence Zener at the University of Chicago in 1952. He received the National Medal Of Science in 2011.

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