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Naresh Mehta Jnanpith Award Awarded In 1992

Naresh Mehta

Naresh Mehta

Award Name : Jnanpith Award

Year of Award : 1992

Award for : Literature

Location : Shājāpur, Madhya Pradesh, India


Naresh Mehta is a well known writer of Hindi literature. There are 50 published works in his name, including poems, novels as well as plays. In 1992, he received highest literary award of Indian literature, Jnanpith. He received Kendra Sahitya Academy award in the year 1988 for his poetry collection Aranya. Though he is prolific in all type of literary works, his poems are most popular. His most popular poem collections are Itihash Aur Pratiitihash, Kiran-Dhenuem, Purush, Maa, Keval Him, Ushas (four volumes), Vrikshtw and Yah Sonjuhi-Si Chandni. Ya path bandhu tha is a realistic novel written by Naresh belong to satire group of literature. It’s among the most popular works of Naresh Mehta. The story is about Shridhar Babu, who leaves his house to join freedom movement.

Naresh Mehta was born on February 15, 1922 in Shajapur. Among the numerous schools of poetry which sprang up in the 1950s was ‘Nakenwad’, by taking the first letters of three noted poets, Nalin Vilochan Sharma, Kesari Kumar, and Naresh Mehta. Other popular works of Naresh Mehta include – Aakir samudra se tatparya (1998), Kavya ka vaishnav vyakthitva (1972), Kaavyathmakata ka dik-kal (1991), Doobte mastool (1983), Jalsadhar (1987), Arnya (1985), Banparvi soono (1982), Bolne do chir ko (1993) and Do aakant (1985). His poems are noted for humanism and many similar qualities.

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