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D. R. Bendre Jnanpith Award Awarded In 1973

D. R. Bendre

D. R. Bendre

Award Name : Jnanpith Award

Year of Award : 1973

Award for : Literature

Location : Dharwad, Karnataka, India


Dattatreya Ramachandra Bendre, shortly known as D. R. Bendre was a famous Kannada poet of the Navodaya Period. He wrote under the pen-name - Ambikatanayadatta. He was the second person from Kannada literature to win Jnanpith Award. He won it in 1974 for the collection of poems Naaku Tanti. He also held the title ‘Karnataka kula Thilaka’ conferred by Udupi Adamaru Math. He has also received Padma Shri (1968), Sahitya Academy award (1958), Kelkar prize (1965) and Sahitya Academy fellowship (1968). Girish Karnad made a Kannada documentary film, D. R. Bendre based on his life. 

Bendre was born on 31 January 1896 in Dharwad, Karnataka. Both his father and grandfather were Sanskrit scholars. He lost his father and a young age and he completed his primary and high school education in Dharwad with the help of his uncle. He joined the Fergusson College, Pune for higher studies. After completing degree, he started his career as a teacher at Victoria high school of his hometown. Very soon he got married and years later, he obtained his Master of Arts degree in the year 1935. He became a Kannada professor in D.A.V. College, Solapur between 1944 and 1956. In 1956 he became advisor of AIR, Dharwad. His critic works include, Sahitya mattu Vimarshe, Kavi Lakshmishana Jaimini Bharatakke Munnudi, Kannada Sahityadalli Nalku Nayakaratnagalu, Sahityada Viratsvaroopa and Kumara vyasa. A few of his critic works include - Sahitya mattu Vimarshe, Kavi Lakshmishana Jaimini Bharatakke Munnudi and Kannada Sahityadalli Nalku Nayakaratnagalu. Apart from these works he has translated a few works and edited a few too.


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