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Paul Vixie Internet Hall of Fame Awarded In 2014

Paul Vixie

Paul Vixie

Award Name : Internet Hall of Fame

Year of Award : 2014

Award for : Computers and Internet

Location : San Francisco, California, United States


Paul Vixie is an American Internet pioneer, the author of several RFCs and some Unix software.He authored the standard UNIX system programs SENDS, proxynet, rtty and Vixie cron. At one point he ran his own consulting business, Vixie Enterprises.After he left Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in 1994, he founded Internet Software Consortium (ISC) together with Rick Adams and Carl Malamud to support BIND and other software for the Internet.

The activities of ISC were assumed by a new company, Internet Systems Consortium in 2004. Although ISC operates the F root server, Vixie at one point joined the Open Root Server Network (ORSN) project and operated their L root server.In 2014, Vixie was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame as an Innovator.


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