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H K Firodia awards Award

H K Firodia awards

Awards Type : National Award

Organized Country : India

First Award : 1996

H K Firodia awards for excellence in Science & Technology are given annually by the H K Firodia foundation. The awards recognize achievements by Indian scientists in any field of science, and aim to promote a scientic spirit among Indians, especially the youth of India. Initiated in the year 1996, the awards carry forth HK's belief in developing world class technology through indigenous efforts and self-reliance and achieving excellence. He always valued the spirit of human enterprise.

There are 2 awards every year: Award I: The main award is given to a person in recognition of his lifetime achievement and for his original contribution to the field of science & technology.Award II: The second award is given to young and promising innovators, scientist and technologists who are also original contributors

The Awards are given to any Indian citizen who has made original and outstanding contribution and done world class work in the field of science & technology and distinguished himself; the excellence may relate to any field of scientific endeavor from agriculture, engineering, medical sciences to space and environmental sciences. The Awards are meant to inspire the youth of the country to develop scientific spirit through creativity and innovations; and have become well known amongst the scientific community with national stature and prestige.

Award Organized By: HK Firodia Foundation