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Rohini Khadilkar Arjuna Award Awarded In 1980

Rohini Khadilkar

Rohini Khadilkar

Award Name : Arjuna Award

Year of Award : 1980

Award for : Sports and Games

Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Rohini Khadilkar is an Indian chess player, won Indian Chess Championship five times and the Asian Chess Championship twice. She also received Arjuna Award in the year 1980. Rohini Khadilkar was born on April 1, in the year 1963, in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She is a Woman International Master in Chess. Rohini Khadilkar became National Women's Chess in the year 1976 at the age of 13. She was the first woman chess player from India to win that championship in three consecutive years. She has held the title on five occasions like November 1976, at Kottayam, Kerala, December 1977, at Hyderabad, March 1979, at Madras, February 1981, at New Delhi and December 1983, at New Delhi. 

In the year 1981, Rohini Khadilkar also became the Asian Women's Chess Championship when the competition was held at Hyderabad, the capital city of both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Rohini Khadilkar was unbeaten in that competition and scored 11.5 out of a possible 12 points. She again won the Asian Women's title when the competition was held at Kualalumpur, Malaysia. Rohini Khadilkar became an International Chess Master and in November 1983. In 1993, Rohini Khadilkar retired from chess and enrolled as a student at the Printing Technology Institute. She came first in her cohort, earning a Gold Medal, and was given Printing Diploma by Agfa-Gevaert. Rohini Khadilkar became the first female editor of an evening newspaper in Maharashtra. She is the assistant editor of Navakal and has been editor of Sandhyakal since 16 December 1998.