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About European Baseball Coaches Association

January 2003 - A handful of European baseball enthusiasts met at the ABCA Convention and decided that Europe too, needs a place where coaches can meet, share and learn.With the help of the International Sports Group, an organization already involved in baseball instruction on the old continent for close to 20 years, the first EBCA Convention took place in Germany just a year later.Since its original edition in Germany, the EBCA Convention is well traveled with stops in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic and France.However, the Convention is only the visible part of the iceberg as the EBCA is providing support to European coaches in many ways and is always looking forward to improving the range of services provided to its members.The goal of the EBCA is to improve the level of coaching in Europe to ultimately improve the overall level of the game.

Achievements of European Baseball Coaches Association

2014 EBCA Coach of the Year : Steve Janssen EBCA Career Achievement Award : Pat Doyle 2013 EBCA Coach of the Year : Evert-Jan 't Hoen EBCA Career Achievement Award : Bill Arce 2012 EBCA Coach of the Year : Mauro Mazzotti EBCA Career Achievement Award : Claus Helmig 2011 EBCA Coach of the Year: Brian Farley EBCA Career Achievement Award: Sam Dempster 2010 EBCA Coach of the Year : Greg Frady EBCA Career Achievement Award : Georg Bull 2009 EBCA Coach of the Year : Steve Janssen EBCA Career Achievement Award : Clive Russell 2008 EBCA Coach of the Year : Christophe Dassy EBCA Career Achievement Award : Tom O'Connell 2007 EBCA Career Achievement Award : Tony Klarberg 2006 EBCA Career Achievement Award : Jim Jones 2005 EBCA Career Achievement Award : Robert Eenhoorn 2004 EBCA Career Achievement Award : Giuseppe Guilizoni


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