Educational Paradigms Association Bucharest Branch

Educational Paradigms Association Bucharest Branch

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 Bucharest, Bucureşti, Romania


About Educational Paradigms Association Bucharest Branch

Established On : 2015

APEBBwas established with the general aim of improving the quality and performance of the education provided, to gain an European dimension in order to share the best practices in the field of education and especially ICT integration in teaching activities (management, staff competences, new teaching methods and tools, language competences, organisation of teaching and learning) with others organizations. Also APEBB implements a wide variety of local, national and international activities carried out in cooperation with partner schools, evaluating international activities and the European dimension in the curriculum, disseminating the activities and outcomes, strengthening intercultural awareness.
The association have a long term policy plan
? ICT integration (management, education, teaching activities, European network) in our Adult Education Organisation
? to organise the ICT activities at organizational level (setting up a team, appointing a coordinator, describing tasks of the team, etc...)
? to inform and disseminate our activities and products/methods and make them more sustainable
? to ensure the quality of the European dimension in the curriculum
? link to the goals in education (in terms of knowledge/skills/attitudes, teachers and for itself considering them as a whole.
? goals in short and long term policy measures, such as e.g.: educational standards for teachers continuous training, training programmes including ICT, apply the UNESCO and ISTE ICT standards,


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Catalina Nicolin



Bucureşti, Romania

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