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Student Career Tips for Success

Student Career Tips:
Posted On : 2014-12-18 17:17:28

Career opportunity is the major milestone of all youngsters today. People usually think that its a competitive world and we have to fight with others to get into a nice career, but in fact its not so. The fact is that we are not aware of the career opportunities that are available in the world.

Students should think apart from books and learn beyond the syllabus. Then only they can be able to sell themselves in the job market. There are plenty of industries and opportunities exists in today’s world. Those interviewers will not hire a bookworm for their firm, they need real intellects. Students should try to fit themselves in those positions by enriching them with more knowledge and interpersonal skills. They should devote their time for building interview skills. Try new things and share with your peers to get their views on it. Do not hesitate to take initiative, because initiatives will get more exposure. 

Many students lack interview skills. They should think themselves as a hiring manager and work accordingly to get selected. Students should not wait for opportunities rather they must hunt for it. As a student, you may get some work experience as a freelancer to exhibit yourself something different from others in the job market. Also you can do a project along with your friends for small size firms to elevate your knowledge and work experience. Then create a profile in linkedin with all those experiences so that hirers will find you easily. Build your connections and get endorsed by them to make your profile more strong. 

Before applying for a job, know the difference between CV and resume. Try to exhibit the most important things in the first page itself and use right keywords in your resume to get selected through the applicant tracking systems. Behave and be nice to your faculty to get good reference for your jobs and higher studies. Though language is not a knowledge it speaks sound in the interview skills. Have a good language proficiency to shine well in the interview. Anxiety is the main drawback for many of the students in interviews. The main reasons of anxiety are sleepless nights, lack of motivation, bad attitude and more, so get out it to overcome anxiety. 

People always want to quit from their first job very soon, it should not be done so. First job is a stepping stone for all of us, and it will help us to get into a ideal career. You should sustain in your first job for minimum of one year. Do not carry others dreams as your career, do what you love then only you will succeed in it. Do not get frustrated by failures, concentrate more on your failures to overcome it. Keep improving your positives to attain a higher position. Try to manage your emotions, it will help you to sustain in workplaces. Companies want dedicated workers and intellect brains.

Look beyond your comfort level to reach higher level of achievement. Success resides in you, believe in yourself to get succeed.


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