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How to Get Rid of Exam Fear

Self Confidence:
Posted On : 2015-04-24 12:46:20

It is quite natural that students get tensed and panic during their exams despite of good preparations. Exam fear and anxiety are common among students of all age groups. Some students handle the situation bravely while some get depressed and commit suicides. Don't get panic and don't get involved in such foolish things, exams are conducted just to evaluate your learning skill. So just relax, it is not the end.

While preparing for exams do self motivation. Even if you are not well prepared for your exam, motivate yourself positively. Many students who have not prepare well for exam even have scored good marks with their last minute preparations. Have the hope of success and never think of failures. Thinking of failure will make you depressed. So never do that instead say I will do well in exams and score good marks.

Never ask and compare your preparation with your friends. The learning capability may vary sometimes your friend might have prepared more than you and this will again burden you with stress saying that you are lagging behind. So avoid such things while preparing for exams. Don't worry about less marks or failure, take things easy during exam and start your exam preparation without scattering your attention to things that increase your stress.

Finally while appearing for exam make sure you have all things necessary for exams as last minute search for this things will make you get panic during exams. Before appearing for your exam just relax yourself. Don't stress yourself by feeding more information as tired mind will not give good result, so it is quite important to refresh your mind before entering examination hall. Once you get the question paper read all the questions and plan to give your best. Spend last 15 minutes for reviewing your answer paper. So do follow these steps and advice to avoid exam stress.


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