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Follow Your Heart, Not The Herd.

Self Confidence: Author : Saravanan
Posted On : 2016-05-09 14:23:27

A large sum of  students are awaiting for their HSC results eagerly and now i can feel the fear and panic in students. The questions that are remaining in students heart are What will be my score? and what i am going to do after that?.

The marks that you score in this exam is not the end of this world. Education is just a part in your life and definitely it is not the entire life. So accept the mark that you get . No one is perfect and every one is unique from one another. If you think you can improve just write improvement exam or if you lose attend it again. Do not take the result as extreme. Even though you get any external pressure remain calm stay focused on what you need to over come the problem search for solutions. Convert your anger and frustration into work.

K now let’s move to second question what i am going to do after my results? Every time a question arises from us the answer is also deep with in us. Yes right you are the one to write your own destiny. No one else in the world knows you better then your self. First find out what is your interest ask yourself will i proceed in is vector with all my soul? If the answer is yes then proceed in it with all that you have. Running behind profession or field that fetches money without interest in it is equal to living a life without soul.

Every profession is equal to one another and no profession is weaker. Well take any profession there will be a millionaire in it. So how is it possible? Choose your interested profession, consistently gain knowledge and work sincerely in it then money will become bi-product.

So “ Follow Your Heart,Not The Herd”. But don't forget to take your brain with you. All the best for your success .


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