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Team work – The key to success

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Posted On : 2015-04-13 15:02:16
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we think about team work the first thing that comes to our mind is
unity. Team work is essential in each and every part of our life
whether you are at school, college, home or workplace. Difference in
the progress of a work can be seen when we work with a team. As
responsibility is shared within us, we can achieve more when we work
together. Stop saying “you can do it” and “I can do it” and
start saying “We can do it”. Come, join and move together and
pave the way for success.

of an individual mainly depends on learning to work as a team rather
than working alone. Essential portion of education is to acquire the
right attitude and skills to work in teams. Group works such as
presentations, events, seminars and projects for the students in
schools and colleges are given by teachers in order develop such
skills. Team work plays a vital role in sports and games that is the
reason for having sports in schools and colleges. It enables us to
share our thoughts with each other in a team.

can find different kinds of people in a team where some takes the
leadership, few gets involved, some give their support, few motivate
others and some dominate others. Be clear in your point, think and
question yourself what role you are going to play in a team. Keep in
mind that members of team are expected to focus on a common goal.
Break the barriers such as shyness, ego and express your idea to the
team in accordance to the goal in order to achieve success.

a team there should be proper communication, members have to
coordinate with each other, understand the differences and cultivate
team spirit. Divide the tasks among yourselves, be perfect in what
you do and never think of stealing the credit of others. As students you used to think that you should concentrate on developing only our own
performance. But you are expected to do team work, share your
thoughts and interact with the team once you enter into a working
atmosphere. It is necessary for you to develop team work skills
during your studies to face the world.


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Chandru sharma
Chandru sharma
4 years ago

Team work is most valuable one for each and every field.That gives good solutions for our work and make results successive


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